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Last Fall Revisited

It's been a while since I last wrote. It's funny, after my first blog post, I thought, "Hey! That wasn't so bad! I can do this on a weekly basis!" Umm, yeah. Clearly not as easy as I thought. ;)

For this post, I wanted to revisit a family session from last fall. This session was so much fun! There were fall colors everywhere you looked, and I really enjoyed watching the boys interact together. Here we have Weston (age 2), Bennett (age 6), and Vincent (age 8).

Family Portrait

One thing that really stood out to me was how much of a leader Vincent was to his brothers, especially his youngest brother Weston. Weston wasn't always all smiles and wanting to cooperate, but Vincent was always encouraging him to participate and trying to make him happy. It was pretty apparent during the session how close these three are. Granted, I'm sure they probably argue from time to time like any siblings do, but I remember being particularly struck by how well they seemed to get along and work together.

Family Portrait

That is one thing I love about family sessions--getting to know my clients and seeing the bond between siblings. Maybe that's because I'm an only child and always wanted siblings. Growing up, we would go to my grandmother's house for holiday dinners, and I recall my dad and aunt telling stories about growing up and the trouble they got into. I know not all siblings have great connections or bonds, so who knows what I could have ended up with, but I always longed for a sibling to grow old and tell similar stories at our family holiday dinner table. Siblings have a special kind of relationship and bond that I will never have with someone, but that is ok. I have other relationships and bonds in my life that are just as important, and allows me to appreciate the sibling bonds I witness even more! <3

Family Portrait

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