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Your Photo Session and Coronavirus

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

It doesn’t look like physical distancing and quarantining is going to end any time in the near future, so I think it’s about time I address how I plan to handle shooting and booking sessions since it’s probably something on your mind!

There are a lot of unknowns with coronavirus at this time, so for any sessions booked within the next few months, there will need to be flexibility with scheduling on both my end, and yours.

Family Photo Session

When you book your session, we will pick a date to get you on the calendar, as well as a backup date a month later (or even further out if you prefer) in the event we have to reschedule either 1. due to weather or 2. due to a government mandated lockdown or closure.

If the coronavirus situation isn’t any better by your backup date, never fear! We will reschedule your session again until we can get your session done. Your non-refundable retainer fee will be transferable to each reschedule, but please note that it will remain non-refundable. The retainer fee not only is for reserving your day and time, but also covers all the pre-session work that I put in before the session (actually planning out the session, styling help, etc).

(If you book a Fresh 48 session and when the time comes hospitals are still under a no visitors policy, your retainer fee will be transferable to any session type.)

Ok, so we’ve got your session on the calendar and now the day has come! What can you expect from me at your session?

When it actually comes time to shoot, I will be practicing “physical distancing” as I prefer to call it. This is for everyone’s safety. As a side note, I have a part time job working with senior citizens, so this is an extra precaution to keep them safe as well. This will obviously create some challenges for photo sessions, but I hope you will be understanding that this is something I need to do, and trust that I will do my absolute best to give you the same quality and variety of images as I do with any session while still maintaining my distance. We will still play games, joke and dance just like any other session. In other words, we’ll still have a blast! Depending on your needs and the session you’d like to book, if for some reason I feel I won’t be able to produce what you’re looking for while practicing physical distancing, I will definitely let you know.

Family Photo Session

Now that you know you can book your session with comfort of mind knowing the flexibility of scheduling and the precautions I’ll be taking, let’s talk location!

At least until the month of June, I will only be shooting outdoors. I don’t have a studio, so that would not be an option anyway, and many venues that could be used for indoor locations are closed for the next few weeks too (and who knows how long that will continue). I will not be able to take any in-home lifestyle sessions during the next few months, but we can definitely look at scheduling that out in the future for you if that’s what you’re looking for! But right now, in order to practice physical distancing, outdoor locations are pretty much as must. I am used to shooting outdoors anyway, and there are so many awesome locations we can utilize!

If you are thinking about a summer or fall session, the contract you’ll be signing will cover the policy above for you too. It’s an uncertain time for so many people, and something like this could easily happen again, so all of my future bookings will be covered by these policies. I will book in-home sessions, but please be aware that if physical distancing is still in practice, that we may have to move outdoors or postpone your session.

Family Photo Session

That was a bit of information, but I hope it helps alleviate any uncertainties for you when it comes to booking a session! We are all going through a strange and scary time right now. Many of us are struggling in different ways. My goal is to continue to serve you as best I can, so please know that as long as you are willing to be flexible and understanding to make your session happen, I am too. We can still do this. We all just have to keep an open mind and open heart. <3

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