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Back at it! First up, a Family Photo Session

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

My last photo session before things recently started opening back up seems sooo long ago. It feels so good to get out and take photos for people again! My first session after being closed down for a while was for my in-laws. It was so nice--it kind of felt like a mini family reunion.

I started their session with a game of Simon Says, which was a huge hit with Winry. She was loving it so much, she continued it on throughout the rest of the session! She even got to be Simon a time or two.

We shot this family session at a private property in Delano. This was my second time shooting there, but the first time with no snow. It's a great place to shoot with several options for scenery. The owners were in the process of finishing building a new pole barn and they've planted some apple trees. Their property is going to be a real stunner for photos when they finish everything they have planned! And Winry seemed to really love running around the property.

My in-laws were also game for shooting later in the evening so we could get some golden hour magic. We got some pretty epic shots in the back part of the property as the sun was setting. We ended with mom and dad getting some fun shots together. It really was the perfect evening for creating new family memories. <3

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