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Caitlin and Seth's Maternity Session - White Bear Lake, MN

This session was everything. A dream.

Caitlin and Seth are good friends of mine from college. I took their engagement photos when they got engaged, and now, I've taken their maternity photos too (and newborn photos on the way)! They knew they wanted to take photos at a location that had some meaning to them (heck yes!), and landed on Seth's parents' lake property in White Bear Lake.

Yes. Private property. On a lake. At sunset.

Like I said, a photographer's dream come true for me!

And to make things even better, they included their dog, Stella. Caitlin warned me that any time they tried to get photos with all of them looking, Stella wouldn't look at the camera. Like...ever. Challenge accepted! And while it was a challenge, I did get a few with them all looking (and I didn't even have to photoshop it to get them all looking!). ;)

Personally I just LOVE Caitlin's ivory dress with this super cute hat. She asked my thoughts on wearing the hat or not and I said HECK YES! She is one stylish mama. I just love the way all the colors (from their outfits and the environment) coordinate and compliment each other.

I asked Caitlin ahead of time how they felt about going in the water, and I'm so so glad they were on board! This was so fun to do and some of my favorite images from their session. I did some of just Caitlin and kept telling her to keep going further and further into the lake--I think she thought I was nuts, but I told her it would be totally worth it, and I think it definitely was (hopefully she agrees, ha!)!

This session really flew by. By the time I was putting my camera away, it was pretty close to dark. I remember looking over at the house (house? cabin? whatever you call it) and thinking how awesome it would be to get a silhouette shot with Caitlin and Seth in the window--something way outside my "comfort zone" when it comes to photography, but I like to try challenge myself to improve and think outside the box with every session that I do.

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