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A Late Summer Family Session

A week ago or so, the cool temps, little snow that was still left, and the leaves blowing across the road could have fooled me into believing it was actually fall and not spring. Fast forward to now, and I'm finally starting to get those spring vibes! I'm going to backtrack though and share this wonderful family session that we fit in at the end of summer, just before the leaves started to change.

Family Portrait

This session was so fun! We shot it at the client's home, and the kids were all so great! All of them posed themselves--they barely needed any direction. They were all pretty chatty too. It was great getting to see their different personalities. That's one of my favorite things about family sessions is getting to know the family dynamics and seeing the relationships between everyone.

And of course there was a lot of energy and activity during our time together! I love getting to see siblings laughing and playing together and capturing those moments for them.

Child portrait

Oh! And when I arrived, I was also pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the family dog! I am a dog person myself, and the same seemed to be true for everyone in this family! It became apparent pretty early on how much their dog means to everyone.

Dog Portrait

We had some extra time at the end of the session, so they invited me inside for a bit (it was pretty chilly that day!). I'm glad I got to go inside so I could get this beautiful portrait of their dog! If only we'd had more time to get more portraits inside. Their home is so charming and has so much character, I couldn't help but think how amazing a lifestyle session would be inside. Maybe next time. ;)

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